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Rock on with an Electric Guitar

Whether you want to start developing your own sound or emulate an iconic rock God, having the right electric guitar and equipment is important. At Best Buy, we’ve got all you’ll need to get your rock star career off to a great start with electric guitars from Fender, Squier, Yamaha, Schechter, and more. And when you’re really rockin’ it out, we’ve also got tablature editor software to help you create beautiful music.

Play it Loud, Play it Proud

When you’re shopping for an electric guitar, it’s important to test out of few different styles and sizes to see what fits best. A solid-body guitar is the most common type and is great for newbies since they have no acoustic restrictions and come in the most variety of shapes and styles. But for a rounder, darker sound a semi-hollow electric guitar will do the trick with minimal feedback.


A variety of accessories for your electric guitar will enhance your playing. An amplifier by its very definition will amplify the sound of your electric guitar and bring it to life. A guitar pick will help you refine a particular playing style and maybe even save your fingers. Other fun accoutrements might include a guitar strap, gig bag, and a guitar pedal that lets you really experiment with new sounds that your electric guitar can’t do on its own.

Test Your Guitar with Potential Accessories

Once you’ve chosen the electric guitar of your rock star dreams, many experts will suggest that you take it with you once you’ve decided to shop for other accessories. Every guitar is made differently and hooking it up to one amp might elicit a different sound than another amp.

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