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What You Need to Know about Buying Sofas and Sectionals

If home’s where the heart is, then a good sofa or sectional should engender feelings of comfort and delight. It’s the centre of your home in that you spend hours relaxing on it and entertaining guests. Consider these basic tips when making your selection so the sofa you choose in the end is the furniture that fits your lifestyle and home décor.

1. Do the math.

Before you let your imagination run wild envisioning the perfect sofa or sectional to delight family and guests alike, cover the basics first. Take stock of your space and measure the length, width and height of the room. Let the room’s physical dimensions, as well as the rest of the décor, determine the type of sofa you should get. Bear in mind you’ll also need to fit the furniture through doors and hallways. To avoid delivery mishaps, measure the narrowest areas and keep those numbers on hand when shopping.

Sectionals need a lot of room; and if your sofa ends up in front of the window, make sure the back doesn’t go higher than the window sill. A good way to get a better visual of how the furniture will blend with its surroundings, mark off the sofa area with masking or painter’s tape.

2. Personal style counts.

Sure, it’s easy to let current trends sway you toward a certain style. However, when it comes to your own living room, choose from colours and textures that inspire you. Selecting well-crafted pieces with versatile, classic lines that don’t look outdated is key. For example, contemporary furniture boasts a flexible blend of styles with cleaner lines and understated upholstery. Traditional furniture, while classically inspired and as comfortable, tends to look more formal with its saturated colours and elegant fabrics.

3. Get extra comfortable on reclining sofas.

A great addition to your home theatre or entertainment room, reclining sofas work much like reclining chairs. Lounge fully with your legs propped up as you unwind or snuggle up with a loved one for a stay-in date night in front of the TV. When purchasing one, make sure the moving parts operate smoothly and fully clear the upholstery to avoid any scratches or tearing.

4. Research upholstery.

Upholstery plays a big role in determining the room’s overall appeal, whether you’re going for warm and inviting, simple and elegant, or jazzy and eclectic. Besides the look, a practical aspect to consider is how the fabric withstands wear and tear. For example, rich-looking leather, while on the pricier side, is durable and easy to maintain; meanwhile, cotton and linen fabrics look cozy, but may be harder to clean. If you have kids or entertain often, look for stain-resistant material like synthetic microfibre.

5. Read up on the joinery.

Reliable frames typically use furniture-grade plywood or hardwood, like oak or beech. Ensure your sofa doesn’t wobble or creak because even high-quality materials can’t make up for poor craftsmanship. Springs shouldn’t squeak either, and if there aren’t any, sit on the sofa to make sure it doesn’t feel flimsy or uncomfortable. Read up on how the frame attaches to the sofa so you can determine for yourself whether the furniture meets your quality standards.

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