There’s no question that having the latest technology is fun, but life’s not just about owning it, it’s about using technology to experience the world in new ways. The experience you get from LG products is why you choose the latest smart phone, the biggest and brightest television, or appliances that pave the way to possibilities in the home you’ve never dreamt of. That’s why LG Electronics Canada designs home electronics with the latest technological advances while still maintaining focus on the person using those products. That way the user has the best possible experience each and every time they turn it on.

Established in 1958, LG began by designing radios, televisions, and washing machines, and over the years the company has blazed a trail straight into the advanced digital era. Now when people think LG Canada, they associate the name with products designed with technological expertise, products that are intuitive, eco-friendly, and are created to work the best for the way you live.

When you use products created by LG Canada, you’re tapping into an experience that’s fun, makes you more productive, and has less of an impact on the world around you. Life might not be about the technology itself, but with LG in your home, that technology works for you in ways you’ll never want to live without.

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