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Mophie Phone Cases

Making a case for your protection

Protecting your smartphone is one thing, but keeping the battery going for longer is another, so why not combine them together? That¿s what Mophie has been doing for some time, whether you want it together in one case, or as a portable charger you can turn to when needing to top up again.

Charging ahead

Having a case made to fit your phone like a glove is even better when it has a built-in battery to go with it. Need to top up after losing a little juice to a gaming session, or start recharging once you hit the red warning level? Mophie¿s battery cases are made to handle those scenarios.

Not that you don¿t get a little variety to go with it. The Juice Pack is a little bigger, and you also have the Juice Pack Air for a lightweight alternative that squeezes in a sizeable battery inside. Don¿t forget the colours, either, because you get some choice on which one matches your tastes the most.

Convenience in a pinch

If your phone is attached to a different case or running naked, you can always opt for a Powerstation battery pack instead. These portable chargers come in different capacities, and they can charge two smartphones at the same time. Go with a higher-capacity Powerstation to charge two tablets at once with the fastest output possible.

Any mobile device you have will always feel like it has a bigger battery with a Powerstation handy.

Going wireless

Mophie¿s Force Charge products support wireless charging, letting you charge your Juice Pack¿and the phone with it¿when the magnets on either side line up to make it happen. Simple and painless, you get to charge when you need to without having to worry about cables.

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Mophie cases and chargers can go anywhere

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