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Pack it Up, Pack it In

It’s likely that your cell phone or smartphone comes equipped with an available amount of built-in memory. But when you want to store even more than your phone’s internal memory can handle, picking up a microSD card for your Android or Windows phone will give you the space you need for all your storage needs. Best of all, PNY, Lexar, and Kingston offer a variety of capacities to choose from.

More Space
The more photos you snap and the more songs and videos you want to take with you everywhere, the more space you’ll need. Picking up a microSD card lets you add more storage to your smartphone’s built-in capacity. If you’ve got 8 gigs of space on your phone, adding an 8GB microSD card lets you double that amount to 16 gigs.

Go Full-Size
microSD cards are called “micro” for a reason: every single one of them is about the size of a fingernail. They’re designed to be small enough for your smartphone, but when you want to transfer files to a computer, tablet, or another SD-enabled device, choose a card that comes with an adapter and you can turn it into a full-sized card with ease.

Perfect for Everyone
The great thing about microSD cards is that if your smartphone supports memory cards, chances are it supports a microSD card. They’re used in almost all Android, Windows, and BlackBerry smartphones, so you can pick one up and start storing everything.

Want to know more about microSD cards and their benefits? Check out our handy microSD card buying guide for more info.

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