iRobot Roomba 761 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

  • Model #: roomba 761
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Rid your floors of up to 98% of dirt, dust, and pet hair without lifting a finger. The iRobot Roomba 761 goes on cleaning duty at the touch of a button, thoroughly vacuuming even hard-to-reach spots under furniture. Three-stage cleaning and dual HEPA filters ensure even the tiniest bits of debris and allergens are trapped and lifted away.

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Seals away dust, dirt, and allergens

  • Pestered by nose-itching dander occupying your space like an uninvited guest? The Roomba 761 uses 3-stage AeroVac cleaning to pick up 98% of dirt, pet hair, and other debris, pulling them all off the brushes and into the large-chamber bin. This cleaning machine will suck up fluff balls like it's on a mission -- to rid your home of said guest.
  • Dual HEPA filters trap dust, allergens, and tiny particles, sealing them away so you can inhale deep, cleansing breaths.

The dirt extractor that knows its way around your house

  • On-board scheduling lets you program your Roomba to clean when it's most convenient for you -- up to 7 cleaning sessions per week, even when you're not at home. So even if you forget to set your alarm at some ungodly hour to set up for invited guests, your robot vacuum will be up and running. Just make sure your cat doesn't hop on board the cleaning extravaganza and turn your Roomba into its personal hoverboard.
  • Virtual Walls automatically guides Roomba through room-to-room cleaning with ease. When you know you'll be sleeping in that morning, you can set your room as "off limits" and buy yourself a few more minutes with oblivion.

Cleans like you would

  • When it comes to cleaning, Roomba doesn't muck about. iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology and Dirt Detect hone in on dirt using an acoustic sensor and direct your Roomba to spend more time on a stubborn spot.
  • Nothing gets past this "sharp-eyed" robot. A spinning side brush cleans along wall edges, while counter-rotating brushes act like a dustpan and broom. Even dust can't inch its way to a less visible spot and burrow for ages.
  • If there's a Warrior Dash obstacle course for vacuums, Roomba will give the competition a run for their money. It's equipped with technologies that prevent the Roomba from falling over steep drop-offs like stairs and getting into scrapes with your furniture. The robot vacuum also senses when there's a bed skirt or curtain in the way so it can go under them.
  • A nifty remote control allows you to control Roomba without getting up or bending down.

What's in the Box?

  • Flat)

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)

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  • Vacuum Type
  • Product Type
    Robotic Vacuum
  • Colour
  • Ideal Surface Type
    All Surface Types
  • Compact Size
  • Dust Containment System
  • Features
  • Edge Cleaning
  • Bare Floor Tool
  • Recommended for Pet Owners
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Bagless
  • Dust Bag
    Not Applicable
  • Bag Check Indicator
    Not Applicable
  • Filtration System
    HEPA-type filter
  • Head Light
  • Tool Storage
    Not Applicable
  • Wall Mount Rack
  • Battery Runtime
    60 min
  • Colour Family
  • Country of Origin
  • Dimensions
  • Width
    35.3 cm
  • Height
    9.1 cm
  • Depth
    35.3 cm
  • Width (Inches)
    13.9 in
  • Height (Inches)
    3.6 in
  • Depth (Inches)
    13.9 in
  • Weight
    6.08 kg
  • Warranty Parts
    1 Year(s)



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  • from Windsor, ON

Not Smart

Knocked over my bass guitar from its stand then proceeded to push it across my new wood floors gouging the floor with the tuning pegs. This was solid in its stand but roomba keeps hammering at it until it gives. Then to keep pushing it around .... not so smart. Also gets tangled in cords so if you have speaker wire .... well expect that ripped out. Oddly, it can tear cords out and knock my bass over but gets stuck under chairs hopelessly. When that happens it just gives up and stays there. Who has a house without cords or obstacles? Seriously. Unless your floor has nothing on it and zero obstacles like pictures from a magazine you might as well vacuum yourself. I tried this is room that are fairly sparse and it still manages to get stuck somewhere.

  • from Dartmouth, NS

Great product

It's a great product and the staff at Best Buyt was great!

  • from Langley, BC


I bought this vacuum because I have 2 big dogs who shed alot, I was constantly wasting time vacuuming up the dog hair, Once I bought his iRobot, the job got a whole lot easier, I run it once a day, it cleans up all the dog hair and set itself back onto the base to recharge for the next day. Great machine.

  • from Toronto, ON

Good, though somewhat random cleaning

Generally works quite well, though often randomly so, i.e. can't count on it to consistently go to same rooms in my condo with each run My suggestion is to get a higher model with the lighthouses, which as I understand it would aid in room to room cleaning.

  • from Vancouver, BC

Roomba vacuum - great for our circumstances

We are very satisfied with our Roomba vacuum. There is a lot of dust and small wind borne particles that make there way into our condo on a daily basis and the Roomba deals with them effectively and efficiently. With both hardwood and carpeting the Roomba transitions from one surface to the other seamlessly. It is not suitable for large cleaning jobs, but we knew that before we purchased it. The fact that it is programable helps us set it up to clean when we are not at home. All in all a very good product.

  • from Calgary


This thing is useless. Vacuums one room, over and over and over and over, without going into another room, then docks. Painful to watch. Just want to watch it venture out into the hallway but it won't, it's just not smart enough. Very disappointed.

  • from Ottawa, ON

Works for pet hair

I have a dog that is a lab-husky mix and boy does this guy shed fur. This model has proven itself in picking up dog fur. Even after we vacuumed with our built-in vacuum, Roomba was still able to pick up a good amount. For us, 80% of what the Roomba picks up is dog fur. She runs 3 times a week on a schedule on my main floor (mix of hardwood and tile), then twice a week, we pick her up and take her to other floors. The top floor is all carpet except for tiled bathrooms. The basement is hardwood and some rubber mats. I'm impressed by how the Roomba handles the variety of floor types. Roomba does a decent job of it all. Most impressive of all is when it heads under a bed or big piece of furniture. It has about 4" of vertical, so as long as your furniture is higher than that, it can clean underneath it (not always as easy with a regular vacuum). The receptacle for dirt is small and you have to clean it out on every run. I thought this would be quiet enough to operate while we were sleeping, but it plays a little tune when it starts up and when it parks itself. You can hear it whirring as it vacuums, and additionally, it bumps into chairs and other furniture, like a slightly drunk house guest trying to make their way in the dark. So no, it can't run at night while the household is sleeping (or trying to). So far, 80% of the time, Roomba does not find it's way back to home base. It might be that in our case there's too much furniture to navigate all the way through. I come home from work and go looking for where Roomba came to rest. Time will tell how robust it is, but one month in, we're satisfied customers.

  • from Windsor

I love these robots

My wife was the tough initial sell. We had a scooba years ago and that was a useful but buggy product. We now have a 643 and this 761. The 761 cleans much better and we love the clock that allows it to run daily without our help. We have two cats and I can't believe how much cat fur this picks up every day. You have to remember to clean the filter and sometimes the robot can't find the dock if you left a door open but those are easy to overcome. Now we just need a feature where the vacuum turns on the mopping robot when it is done and the world will be a better place.

  • from Ottawa, ON

Great product

Great product! I've scheduled it to run every day when I'm at work. Sometimes it would move furniture and get lost but it happens maybe once a week. Other than that it work like magic!

  • from Edmonton

Great Helper

I love my robot. It's funny how the floor stay cleaner longer with just a daily vacuum

  • from Toronto, ON

I got it during black friday sale last month

So far it works well. It can climb small step between rooms if floor is not even This remote control return to dock button (black dot key) does not work. I called Roboot support and they said they will ship one for me after length test including reset and also recommend me to return to bestbuy for exchange. I am still testing. Will update more if I could

  • from Toronto, ON

It does what it suppose to do

It cleans the floor very well. My kids like to play with it. Definitely a must have for peace in the family.

  • from Whitby, ON

It's great!

I never thought I'd buy a robot vacuum, but I did. And I'm glad I did. It does an excellent job of keeping the floor clean in between regular vacuums. It's picks up dog hair and dust very well. I goes underneath most of the furniture which is a plus. It did get stuck under one of the tables but we solved that. It was delivered very quickly without any problems considering I ordered it on the Black Friday sale, Overall, we're very happy with it.

  • from Windsor, ON

New Best Friend

Great for my daily dog hair pick up.

  • from Saint John, NB

Not that great

I bought this on Black Friday sale for [price].I returned it two days after receiving it.My wife thought it didn't do a good job.It cleans well enough but misses a lot of erea.It would clean for about 20 minutes then the battery would need to be charged.Just couldn't justify spending that kind of money on something that didn't do what we wanted it to do.

  • from Toronto, ON

Great little machine

I bought this about 3 weeks ago when it was on sale. We have a large dog at home that sheds constantly and the Roomba 761 does a great job at picking up most of the hair. I have gone from having to vacuum twice a week to only having to vacuum once a week with the full size Dyson, even then I only need to do the hard to reach spots and the stairs. The only thing I noticed, is that it sometimes has a hard time returning to its 'dock', but that's not a huge deal. The virtual walls do a great job at keeping it out of areas you don't want it to go!

  • from London

Don't even think about it, just buy it.

Wish I had known about these little guys years ago, we have carpet, tile and laminate floors. It does a wonderful job on all, my wife is a clean freak and even she's impressed. Under the furniture, under the beds, it does it all. The house is mainly laminate and tile, carpets in the bedrooms only. I am so impressed, I just ordered the Braava 380t to do the damp mopping.

  • from Vancouver, BC

Known issue about clock resetting

The robot does a pretty good job cleaning floors, but one upsetting thing is that it keeps resetting the clock sometimes once a day, sometimes several times a week. This makes the scheduling useless. I have done an exchange for a new one, but the clock resetting problem happened again. If you search "761 roomba clock reset", it seems that this is a known software problem. I am contacting Roomba customer service about this problem. If it cannot be fixed maybe by hardware updating, I have to return it.

  • from Ottawa, ON

Works great!

My wife was a skeptic but she's sold now! We've had a 761 model for a few months. 2 kids + 2 dogs. You won't find any debris stuck to your socks at the end of the day once its been working regularly. You can't leave any clothes on the floor or it will get stuck on them (it is a vacuum). I can't leave the bathmat on the floor or roomba will push/drag it around and out to another room. It crawls over a high transition strip between rooms with no problem. All it needs is a robot to empty the dust bin. I'm planning to get a second one for the downstairs.

  • from Saint Thomas, ON

Love it!

I have two children and used to sweep once or twice a day. I run the Roomba once per day. Now I usually only have to sweep once per week. He works well on our ceramic tile and laminate flooring. He also works well on our carpets and is great for getting under the beds. The only complaint I would have is he is very noisy when he bangs into things. I just installed some bumper pads on him and the bumping off the furniture noise is a lot better.

  • from Bridgewater, NS

not for me

I used it half a dozen times and then returned it. I really wanted to love it but ended up only liking it slightly and for the price it should be loved! It easily gets stuck under furniture i.e. kitchen chairs, dresser & kitchen cupboards so if you leave it unattended, it stops when it gets stuck therefore no further cleaning is done :-( too bad, the concept is great!

  • from Vancouver, BC

Very good value

Have been using it for over a month. This is the hardest working "person" in the family. It bumps into things but softly. None of my furnitures or things got knocked over yet. It doesn't seem to remember very well where it's been, and the bin gets full quickly. That's probably because my house gets too dirty too quickly. Love it and would get another one.

  • from Fort McMurray

way quieter than my old 500 series.


  • from Montague, PE

Great hard working robot!

Why did I wait so long? I don't know other than it would have been an expensive mistake if it didn't work as well as it does and it was on sale.. It does a great job in our mini home. A dog and grandkids running in and out generate lots of stuff on the floor. Roomba works once a day and gets it all gathered up in an hour. Every few days I move things around to give Roomba a chance to do a more complete job. The house is cleaner now than it was two weeks ago when Roomba first came. I recommend this robot vacuum to anyone who is too busy to vacuum every day.

  • from Etobicoke, ON

A Time Saver!

After a full month's usage programmed for 4 cleanings per week I would conclude that it is a worthwhile investment as it saves you labour and time. Also it will clean the home more often than the lazy human version (me). There are limits as it cannot move objects out of the way and swing a door to get at the gaps so a little human intervention is required occassionally. I use it to vacuum a 2 storey house. 2 uses per week on each floor. If this pet project passes the test, I will most likely buy another iRobot when it goes on sale.

  • from cambrdidge, ON


got it for my mom, she loves it, so far so good. only concern is energy used while it's sitting and docked, but the internet says one of these will use less energy than a conventional vacuum over the course of the year. still needs a good suction vacuum from time to time

  • from Ottawa, ON

Worth it!

Bought the Roomba 761 when it was on sale for Boxing Day. I'd been considering it for a while, and the sale tipped the scales for me. I was a little skeptical about how good it would be, especially since my fiancé and I have 4 cats, but I'm definitely sold now. The Roomba does a great job of picking up the cat fur, and the bits of litter that get tracked around. It's not the smartest, and occasionally hits things several times before turning around, but it definitely vacuums well. It's also great to be able to do something else while a little robot does the vacuuming around the apartment. Totally worth it!

  • from Montréal, QC


Does a great job every time. Don't know why there are more expensive models this thing has a timer for once a day so...

  • from Vancouver, BC

It works well enough

it works well enough for what it's intended to do, though i wish the dust bin was a big bigger...

  • from Québec, QC


Je l'utilise chaque jour pour les parties principales de la maison et une fois semaine pour toute la maison (2370 pi. ca.) et cet appareil m'est devenu indispensable. Il me sauve du temps et il est très efficace.

  • from Pennfield, NB


Had a Roomba for 5 or 6 years and just loved it,so when it died I couldn't wait to get another.So far this new one is as good or better than my orginial one.Would recommend them to everyone,but especially people with limited mobility ,asthma or allergies as they really keep down the dust.

  • from Toronto, ON

As a owner of dogs wonderful!!

As I own two dogs this is a great way to keep my main floor living area clean. Works great the only thing I had to do was train the dogs not to attack it lol!

  • from Cambridge, ON

Works Great!

I have a smaller low shedding do (at least that is what I thought). I'm amazed at how much dog hair this thing picks up every day. I have only had it a few weeks, but so far I really like it. The virtual walls are also very handy.

  • from Sudbury,on

Worth every penny!

So happy with it, I bought another for downstairs. It's so nice to coming home from work to a clean floor every single day, and they do an amazing job picking up dog hair too. Very impressed. They are part of the family now.

  • from Walkerton Ontario


I surprise my wife with this for Christmas, she liked the idea but now that it has started doing it thing she thinks it great. She has even name it Charles the butler.

  • from Saskatoon, SK

One Problem!

I have only one problem with the Roomba vacuum....why didn't I get it sooner! Absolutely love it!!

  • from North York, ON

Pretty good! Does the Job and not too noisy

This little roomba is awesome! I've had it for 2 weeks now and find that it cleans as it should. Having said that it is not perfect, it picks up about 98% but that is pretty good if I don't have to do the work. What I like: I have it on a schedule so it cleans 4 times a week; I love the use the Virtual Wall halo which I use to prevent it from bumping into sensitive objects. It is not that noisy. It uses a random cleaning pattern but it cleans my entire condo. It has a pretty good battery life; it doesn't get tangle up on itself nor on carpets. What I don' like: Can't connect it to wi-fi to set up a schedule. I believe you can set that with the newer more expensive versions and control it through an iphone app. It's ok, I can live with this and set a schedule manually. After all, you only need to set a schedule once and it keeps it forever until you decide to change it!

  • from Saskatoon, SK

Great helper

It is a really great helper for my family.

  • from Mulmur, On

Works Great

I have a large open concept main floor that is all hardwood and area rugs. It works great on the floors as well as the rugs. I do move the kitchen chairs so it does a better job underneath the table where it gets dirty. I highly recommend this product.

  • from Oakville, ON

I Robot 761 Vacuum

We were initially skeptical that this unit would be as good as rated. Not anymore. The 761 has worked flawlessly. Easy to setup & program. We have it scheduled each morning. It roams about and cleans for 1 1/2 - 2 hours each day, returns to its base without fail. Avoids stairs and best of all doesn't bash into furniture hard. We are 100% satisfied!

  • from Toronto, ON

Wonderful Robot

It worked like a charm! I run it every other day and it always has quite some dust to pick up. It maneuvers through my condo full of furniture and carpet pretty well. I couldn't be happier with this purchase =)

  • from Victoria, BC

Love it!

Best Xmas gift I have gotten. Find vacuuming hard on the back, so happy I only need to haul out the big vacuum less often. Really helps with my allergies being able to have my helper vacuum any time.

  • from Guelph, ON

Great time saver

Love our Roomba. It is great to be doing other chores while you are doing other things. I have a cat and picks up hair well. Also have two visiting dogs from time to time and does well on that too. I move dining chairs out of the way and stools etc. so I get the most value out of the time it is working. The cleaning it did under our bed was very impressive. It works best if you keep the dust pan cleaned out each time and to not let things get out of control. It cleaned up small bits of litter on the mat which our cats litter box had been sitting on. It is a time saver, through and I have recommended it to everyboy. Now I want to get the one that mops the floor too.

  • from Lachine, QC

I LOVE my Roomba

My houshas never been this clean! With 2 kids , I was always annoyed by the mess and now I can play with my kids instead of spending time vacuuming the whole house every weekend! Why didn't I buy this earlier! Roomba is my best friend!!!

  • from Georgetown, ON

Just like Molly Maid

Wife just loves it .Only used a couple of times so far.I lost my vacuuming job, Thanks iRobot

  • from Kingston, Ontario

Great product

Great vacuum. Does a really good job of cleaning floors, tile, laminate and carpet. We have two dogs and it keeps our floors clean, it is programed to run every day. Highly recommend. Shipping was fast and on time.

  • from Regina, SK

Yep... Love it

Got it as a housewarming gift. Wouldn't have ponied up the dough myself, but after seeing it work, I will tell anyone that it is worth the money. We have a big dog that sheds a lot. Ever since we've had Rumba, we no longer find hair on the floor. I have a friend who is highly allergic to my dog and he would struggle every time he came over, but even he says that he can feel the difference that Rumba makes! This is amazing!

  • from Niagara Falls, ON

Just Bought. it Works Great

  • from Ottawa, ON

iRobot Roomba 761

Works well, does the job. Too bad it waste its time by going all over the place instead of doing section by section. Sometimes has difficulty finding the home base.

  • from Calgary, AB

Just bought

I think it is like a dishwasher or wash machine, it does the job, but maybe sometimes you could do better if you were doing yourself, but, it's awesome to think that I don't have to vaccum anymore! So far so good!

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